Wednesday, May 09, 2007

THE ESCAPE ARTISTS: now available

Good morning, bloggee! (If someone who writes a blog is a "blogger," then it stands to reason that someone who reads one is a "bloggee." Right? So what if I made that up. But I digress . . .)

My newest book, THE ESCAPE ARTISTS, has just arrived in bookstores!

The book is the first ever to explore, narratively, how and why people choose to "escape the cubicle" and follow their passions into alternative career tracks.

What's it like to chase drug dealers, pursue huge waves, throw a baseball 95mph, build Phasers for Star Trek "cons," and try to make people laugh for a living? What's it like to quit Wall Street and join the Navy SEALs, or run whitewater rivers all over the world, or quit your job as a Harvard physician and move to a deserted isle to learn about self-sufficiency for developing nations? (Hint: it's difficult.)

You'll find out in THE ESCAPE ARTISTS, my fun, interesting, very non-business-y take on a very hot topic right now, i.e. non-traditional careers (call them "odd jobs").

* Visit (which has a sample chapter)

The book's already gotten some very nice press in Time, NY Newsday, on Fox & Friends, and various radio stations, and I hope you'll be hearing more about it in the coming weeks and months.

Oh, also I have another blog, this one's at Amazon. Take a look. But this one's where all the really cool info is. (Of course, that's what I say over at that one, too.)

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