Saturday, March 17, 2007


Hi, thanks for visiting.

This is my new blog page. It's tremendously exciting. Except at the moment I don't have anything to say. Shortly I'll be posting excerpts from some news books, as well as interactive stuff, and a chapter or two from my novel.

I know, it's lame. But leave a comment if you want. Like how you think it's really lame.


EZ Indo said...

Josh...........Love your site ! Can't wait to Escape into new book !! Best wishes on your endeavour ! Well, That's it for the Other One. Indo

"heymarci" said...

Once you get the hang of it, I'm told blogging can be habit-forming. So I'll be patient and keep visiting to see if/when you figure that out. It's also good for blogs to have a lot of comments. Makes it look like people read it. So I'll come back and comment too!